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Denim Fabric Characteristics

1. The performance characteristics of cotton denim fabric

The characteristics of denim fabric depend on its raw material composition, yarn characteristics, organizational structure, weaving method and other factors, especially finishing plays an important role in the characteristics of denim fabric.

The application range of denim is very wide. Among them, the application in the field of clothing is the most. Even denim once became the mainstream of trousers fabrics, and denim has a pivotal position in the field of apparel fabrics, and indigo dyed denim is even more global. Popularity, almost no one knows, no one knows, because the popular appearance of indigo dye after dyeing on cotton denim makes it a dye that is highly regarded by the public all over the world. Moreover, the denim fabric has a tight and thick texture, which is very suitable for making men's and women's jeans, denim tops, denim vests, denim skirts, etc.


Printing And Dyeing Fabric

Printing and dyeing is also called dyeing and finishing. It is a processing method, and it is also a general term for pretreatment, dyeing, printing, finishing, washing, etc.; chemical methods are used to make dye intermediates produce pigments on fibers, so that textiles have a certain color. The fabric has bright colors, good color fastness, soft hand feeling, can be washed often without fading, and it is as new as it is used for a long time. From the pros and cons, the effect of printing and dyeing is very good. Printing and dyeing can ensure that environmental protection is harmless to people.

textile printing

Garment Fabric

1. All-match

Jeans are listed as "the top of all-match clothing."

Jeans have more and more fabrics and colors. For example, straight-leg pants and micro-flared pants can make women with thick legs look fit and slender, and tight pants can make fat women slim and thin women sexy.

2. Diversified development

As the development of denim styles is also more diversified, the development trend of fashion and leisure. A large number of accessories, hardware, leather, knitting, colored cloth stitching and other manufacturing processes are rapidly developed and used in China.

3. Variety of version

The jeans version has also developed from the earliest straight leg, slim, Korean version, small feet, small straight leg, hakama pants harem, casual, business, one-piece, retro, horn and other new types.

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