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Chains of Mist

Book 2 of the Chalas Peruvas

When Admiral Drogni Ortega learned that an old nemesis had escaped death and had risen to power within the separatist Coalition, he did not hesitate. An elite strike team journeyed into enemy territory, to the very seat of the Coalition’s power, determined to finally put an end to the greatest traitor in the history of their world.

They failed.

Now, the battleground shifts. Stranded on a hostile planet a thousand parsecs beyond the borders of the Federation of Worlds, the survivors of Hilthak must brave a treacherous landscape ruled by fearsome beasts and deadly magics to reach the awesome splendor of Nembane Mountain. There, within tunnels hewn eons ago by the primordial power of G’Char, they must stop Rokan Sellas from completing an ancient ritual—one that would transform a helpless captive into a disciple of evil and release a force of unspeakable devastation upon an unsuspecting galaxy.

 About the Author: Timothy Metivier was born in Madison, Wisconsin and grew up in Buffalo,  New York. He enjoys the cold weather so much that he went to college at Colgate University in  upstate New York before returning to Madison for his MA in Classics from the University of  Wisconsin. He runs competitively as part of the Bergen Elite Running Club and also enjoys  playing racquet sports of all kinds.

TC Metivier

 Veil of Darkness

 Book 1 of the Chalas Peruvas

​​ For eight hundred years, the Federation of Worlds has reigned supreme over the galaxy. Under its banner, eleven sentient races have  put aside their quarrels to work towards their common prosperity. But now something stirs. A hundred worlds have broken free from  the Federation fold. They have made no demands, no threats. There is no evidence that their movement is anything but benign.

 And yet the whispers have already begun. Whispers that the fires of revolution have been stoked. Whispers that war is coming.

 The planet Tellaria is the birthplace of the human race and the backbone of the Federation. Admiral Drogni Ortega leads the finest  planetary fighting force the galaxy has ever known. But now he must confront an enemy unlike any he has faced before, a foe who  wields ancient power infused with infinite malevolence…and is seemingly determined to exterminate all life from the face of the  galaxy.